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Case Study : Self

For the experienced coach

For the new coach

For the professional coach

Welcome to your very own Case Study!


Did you read a recent blog post, RE the 'cost' of education? You can do so here.

There are some serious key lessons, and introspections within that journey, and you can learn them here at your own pace. Regardless of your pathway in the coaching / teaching world, the following modules will challenge you:


- to question and impact the environment / club / school that you coach in

- to assess and develop better relationships with your team and individuals within the team

- to lead yourself as you change and improve

- to plan your season for improved success both on and off the field

Whether you want to work in the professional game, provide the best experience for your own child, or rise up through the ranks of the club / school you work with, this course is exactly what you need to challenge yourself off the field to provide an amazing experience on the field.

You will also join a cohort of individuals who are on the same pathway as you.

Are you interested?


$40 per hour of private coaching. 2 hours of 'work' can pay for a lifetime change in your coaching situation.


$79 investment

4 Modules = <$20 per module.

2 hours per module = $10 per hour

Commit to yourself and your future