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Coaching on Hallowe'en

My field will be empty today.

The players were given the option to practice, or not. They decided not.They were also acting 'too cool' for dressing up, but in private conversations I have learned all about their costumes!

Some 'surprised' parents at no practice today. Some happy parents.

My wife is certainly happy. And so am I.

My players are still only 12-14 years old. They have so much heaped on them with school commitments, other sports / hobbies, and family that this a wonderful opportunity for them to be selfish and be a kid.

'Perfecting' our counter-press can wait for an evening. The boys are going to go and have a great time before a weekend of games, and hopefully bring some leftover candy to the game to share with me...!

More importantly, how often does a coach get a night off? Friday night? Well, now we get two nights in a row and how valuable is that to revisit yourself, your loved ones, and your home before dark! I know I am looking forward to quality time with my wife, and I think that the players are excited for their 'kid' quality time too -

We'll play on Saturday and reconvene on Monday, full of life and candy.

Happy Hallowe'en.



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