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Coventry City 0-0 Wycombe Wanderers

There were concerns initially around the line-up and only playing one up top. I'll show you why I think it worked in the first half. Only the first half.

First half

2 clear chances within 5 minutes.

- Hamer within one minute and then Biamou just minutes later.

- Biamou slashing it high and wide.

2 clear chances after that also.

- A ball across the goal from O’Hare after combo from Dabo and Biamou. ANOTHER chance.

- Biamou bad touch from through ball.

Coventry's approach to the game shifted as the half progressed. It was clear early that playing into the feet of Biamou would be an issue:

The weakness that Coventry began to exploit was the space behind the Wycombe defensive line. Coventry looked to exploit this in two ways:

McCallum checks, instead of taking off into the width. This draws Wycombe, and McCarthy the RB out.

Biamou pulls out, O'Hare takes the central space and looks for the long ball into the channel. You can see Gape screening the back line, as he did for most of the game, preventing any real central success.

Dabo had similar success down the right side before his injury.

The second comes in two parts, so you might say three ways overall. Yet, the setup feels the same. It's toe to toe centrally. It's certainly ugly but it looks like this:

From this particular moment, Biamou took off with a flick-on from O'Hare and is able to steal the ball away to win a freekick on the corner of the box. Coventry looked to bring Wycombe forward with these moments of chaos and exploit behind.