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Guest on a Podcast

I recently had the privilege of being invited onto another podcast, and today it released!

You should listen here -

Jason and Aaron do an excellent job and I learned a lot from this experience with them. The fact that we talked for an additional hour or so AFTER the recording says a lot to the passion that these guys have for the game. Give them some support!

Even though I host my own, this was a different experience. I was in the hot seat and was able to tell my story more. I use my podcast to share my own views and have my own soapbox moments, as well as shaping guest conversations with own motives / interests' or general wonderings, but being free to explore (I think and talk) my influencers more, and exploring my opinions on the game was so exciting!

So my advice. Use your platform to speak freely. 'Expose' yourself as to who you are, what you believe in, and enjoy the challenge or commonality with other coaches and be true to your own experiences and pathway. Then also what you do not know and ask questions - everyone wants to give when asked - I have not met anyone who said 'no' to sharing their opinion! Ultimately, stop observing and get involved!

Then, if you get to join a podcast - give them everything!


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