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January 2023 ODP Recap

I had the privilege of taking the 2010 boys from Cal North, to Arizona, to compete in the Far West Regional Championships. Each western state enters teams to compete.

It's an opportunity for players to play in front of regional scouts to push for the next level of play.

It's a lot.

Our players are removed from their parents, they share rooms without an adult, and are responsible for themselves to be ready to play.

We also put a lot of time into team bonding, individual development plans, and daily meetings that cover what's happening or what happened. A whole lot of work by the admin for Cal North, as well as myself and my staff - assistant coach and team manager.

But, it is worth it.

Why? To answer, I'll cover with one of the most key items of the experience:

Managing the Performance Environment.

In reflection, and from experience, the players need managing more-so at this age. For many it is their first time away from parents.

This was about showcasing our players. So, did we create a performance environment to showcase the players, and empower them to be the best possible?

  • Pre-game meetings

    • Announcing line ups and specifics for competing in the upcoming game.

    • Including small group or individual meetings to address connection, or specifics.

    • What color kit

    • When to expect to eat.

  • Individual meetings

    • 18 players. Broken into 6 players per coach for 1:1 talks that cover.

      • IDP

      • Goals

    • 3 coaches with 1 player for reflection and overall event feedback

      • Player feedback discussion (collected via Google Form)

      • Coach to player feedback

  • Future thought. Have a squad of 39.

    • How to involve non-traveling players more.

    • How do we train their brains? Help them avoid the nerves, worries, concerns.

  • Need more refinement:

    • Free time utilization such as fun games, experiences.

    • What are staff strengths and how can we maximize that?

    • Development of player attributes.

Next time you travel, how do you manage your performance environment?

Do you have something you do, that I could use? Please share!



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