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Lee Dunne Soccer

Thanks for visiting and finding my blog!

What's it all about?

I do so much in the game of Soccer that I wanted to start presenting my material in a more formal avenue, and in a place that you can revisit whenever suits you.

What you will find.

Heads and Volleys podcast.

This was created as an avenue to provide more context to the material I discuss with other coaches, or that I find in the every day soccer world. It will also include guest interviews with people from around my region that are involved in youth soccer.

Social media feeds.

I love to use twitter to connect with other coaches, to join in with discussions, to see what else is going on in the soccer world, but also to share my own material. I use @TacticalPad for demonstrations to share with my audience, the soccer world, and also my players.


Here you will find additional thoughts, feelings, and most likely ramblings for my immediate thoughts for when I cannot get on a microphone!

Paid content.

Session plans. This will be available to coaches seeking immediate guidance for their team. Think of a current issue / idea for your team and wanting a personalized, guided approach for addressing that.

Game size courses. There will be online training for coaches that are coaching in the US Soccer games of 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11. Content will include season plans, supplemental session content, and season support.

Coaching Methodology Toolbox. I use several different methodologies with my teams and with different players. How many do you use? When, why?

Engaging with your players. Your team is made up of young people, not players. How do you engaged with them and do you understand what you are really asking from them in your coaching? Do you treat them as developing people, or performers?

You can find me on:

Twitter @LeeDunneSoccer



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