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Player Analysis - Kyle McFadzean

English, 34-year-old central defender.

McFadzean started 37 Championship games with one appearance from the bench.

3,293 minutes played in the 20-21 Championship season.

2 goals. 2 Red Cards. 3.6 headers per game. gives McFadzean a season rating of 6.68. 8th best in the squad.


Central Defender.

Expectations, based on an overall analysis of Coventry's style of play.

Defend the goal.

- 4.6 clearances per game.

Organize the team, defensively.

- Captain in the absence of Kelly.

Provide cover to the two other center backs when playing in a three.

- 1.1 Fouls per game, resulting in 5 yellow and 2 red cards.

Win headers.

- 3.6 headers per game.



Organizing the defensive line.

Blocking shots, body on the line, defending the goal.


Ball playing ability when under pressure.



McFadzean is better suited for a defensive three. With two other center backs that can track/mark/press and McFadzean can organize. Early in the season, Coventry set up in a 5-4 diamond-1, and McFadzean could control from the center of it all. Though the season issue became the front 2/3, and the back 5 complimented the forward-thinking of the team, instead of being the hindrance.

In the defensive three, he is also 'free' to attack the ball. Here, against Stoke, there is Hyam and Ostigard covering the runners ahead of the ball, which allows McFadzean to attack the ball. 3.6 headers per game are the highest in the team and very understandable:

Coventry set out the season with a similar approach to the victorious League 1 season, with possession and controlling the ball. It proved a difficult task for the team, as you will see later, but throughout the season McFadzean came in for a lot of criticism due to mistakes. Here you can see one that happened at the most critical of times - 2-0 up with 10+ to go. A quick lay off from Hamer puts McFadzean under some pressure and instead of clearing the ball, he opted to recycle the ball through the goal keeper. Unfortunately, Nakhi Wells was ready to pounce on the poor pass. The game was still won, and for McFadzean returning after a red card, this was not the highlight of the game he had hoped for.

However, McFadzean was often left exposed from other mistakes, a sign of Coventry's poor build-up and the improved quality of opposition faced in the Championship. Having conceded after 23 minutes, Coventry was up against it. Here, Hyam is on the ball and McFadzean is 'directing traffic' for recycling the ball out of trouble. This phase of play broke down from being too slow and Coventry conceded a throw-in near the corner flag, the resulting scramble lead to McFadzean 'blocking' a shot with his arm and getting sent off.

Yet, a true center-back should score key goals, I believe. He scored two goals. One of course was in the dominating end-of-season game versus Milwall and the first of the season came in the HUGE win versus QPR in the third game of the season which got City on the board and on the way to safety. However, Coventry found success with set pieces, scoring 15 goals and it would be good to see him on the score sheet more.

In summary, McFadzean has a year extension on his contract and with had a good season under his belt, I think he deserves it. That said, at 34 he isn't going to 'improve' so he needs to remain central to a defensive three, with reinforcements, or make way for incoming players that will benefit from his 'expertise'.

Stats from and @EFLStats





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