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When Practice is Canceled...

Well, things were starting to look up for practice. We have just got back to action on the field and then a disastrous weather system hit Northern CA sparking multiple wildfires. I wish only the best for every single person affected by this. The resulting air quality has lead to canceled activity. So, what are you doing with your players instead? For me, most of them have returned to 'school' which already means a day of zoom meetings and a certain eye roll when I schedule one to replace to the in-person training we were supposed to have.

However, it came with a challenge:

"You have from now until our meeting to create and practice a freestyle show for the team. Each player will have up to 30 seconds to show it off. Use whatever you want in any way you want to, but have some fun with it. See you online."

Here is the result. Myself included. Freestyle Team Video

What I'm trying to say - Have fun. It's been pretty awful lately and any connection should be positive, engaging, and rewarding. Here the team bonds in ways that we wouldn't have before and that is the positive spin we can all take away.



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