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Working with the Youth Player

My whole page, and career, has been with the youth player. Chances are, yours has too, and I assume the majority of coaches that you associate with are in the same situation. Coaching in the US provides many an opportunity to make a career within the youth game, myself included.

So, one would hope that the job is done well, as anyone would execute their career to the best of their ability with continued education and exposure to new and improved methods. Yet, that is not always the case.

Stay relevant, stay involved. Get outside of your bubble - whether that be your club, your field, your typical circle of coaches. Go and take the next license, or an alternative (United Soccer Coaches vs USSF), or participate in local education such as symposiums and do it alone - meet new people.

Get new ideas and share them. Be an open book.

Why? Because the grassroots is where the game grows and from where it gets stronger. You can influence a mind to love, participate, and potentially give back to the game starting right now. Think about your favored teacher in school or favored soccer experience. It probably leads you to thinking of a role model involved in soccer somewhere along the line. That is you to many more than you even realize.

Catch up on a recent Heads and Volleys podcast episode in which I host a good friend of mine and get his opinion, thoughts, and experiences on working with this amazing age of player. I would also love to hear your own opinion, thoughts, and experiences with this age.


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