This mastermind is a place to share and empower you - The group, and I, are here to help encourage and support you to be the best and make the most of what you have to offer to your environment and to create the best soccer experience possible.

Soccer Environment Mastermind

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  • Every coach works in one type of environment or another. This mastermind has been developed to help you take a look at your current environment and take some steps to review it.

    Why review it? Who doesn't want to be in the best possible environment!?

    You will be tasked with understanding how things work and why, then what you might or might not be able to do to challenge the way things are ran. 

    I did it and I left my previous club after realizing I was tied up in things I didn't need to be and there were too many inflexiblities around the things that were important to me.

    It's worth learning the skills to ask the questions to benefit yourself.