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Off-Season 8 Week Soccer Training Plan

  • If you read 'positional profiles' recently you will be here because you want to challenge, connect, and prepare your players for the coming season.

    Take this ready 8 week plan and deliver it to your players. The weekly activities have been created to include:
    Game related cardio - designated sprint times and distances.
    Physical workouts - 4 groups of strength building activity created by Kevin O'Callahan (MS, PES, Pn1) of KO Performance, Napa CA. Instructional videos with coaching tips by LeeDunneSoccer
    Skill Training - created by LeeDunneSoccer with weekly instructional videos.
    Player led aspects - daily juggling log. Twice weekly positional profile self-directed cardio and ball work.

    Each week also tasks' your player to submit their feedback, helping you to keep them accountable, as well as yourself when receiving the content back. Use this to challenge your most enthused and committed players, and use it as an example for what is required for those with lofty dreams of making it to the next step.

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