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Your purchase will provide you with ready to go PDF's to share with your staff, your players, or everyone in your club for immediate action items for corner and freekicks.

Set Pieces Masterclass

  • Most youth teams cannot use their heads in a game so why do we allow them to 'cross it in' - no headers and opponents stealing the ball (or kicking the ball straight behind for a goal kick) - lead to this perfect document.

    Corners and free kicks happen a lot in a game, especially in a Youth Soccer game with a smaller field. Challenge your team to master some exciting set piece routines here and for them to exercise dominance on their opponent with creativity and confidence.

    The set pieces will set a foundation for you to be creative, but to also serve as a ready-to-go document you can implement right away. 

    My experience has been to share the PDF's with the players prior to training. Then 20 minutes of focus in the next two sessions will let you move into the next game with an 'idea' of the challenge. Use the pregame to refresh, have the documents handy and score some goals! 

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