What is a mastermind?

'A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members'

Welcome to the Lee Dunne Soccer - Soccer Business Mastermind.

Many individuals call coaching their profession, their career. However, many are required to work hours upon hours to make a somewhat reasonable paycheck. Unfortunately, for many those hours run out, or the amount of teams they can work with becomes overwhelming to the point they cannot complete their job successfully.

Many will take a DOC role. Which is often welcomed with issues with parents, more admin work, a LOT more email at midnight, and a few more $'s in your paycheck.

Would you rather fill your time in other ways?

Did you know you could become independent of the club / league and be successful without 5 teams?

Register for this mastermind and explore 6 fundamental ways to grow your own soccer business, whilst never detracting from your core team focus (unless you want to). You will be challenged to think in different ways, engage in other facets of soccer in the community, all whilst being an honest individual that is working to grow the game for the good of the individual and not 'stealing a living'.

You will also join a cohort of individuals who are on the same pathway as you.

Join this mastermind and begin to evolve today! 

Commit to yourself and your future

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