Individual Training for your Player

with a difference!

Individual Training Plan

Train with an 'A' licensed coach
Train remotely, you just need a ball
Be challenged and coached on your terms
Learn how to relate your position to purposeful practice - not just dribbling through cones
Collective team training is also available. Just ask me!

Often individual coaching focuses on technical and isolated practices, which have a lot of value - I have spent a lot of time working the same practices and will always continue to do so.

However, that doesn't work right now, and there are many times that schedules conflict, reducing the contact time a player can work with their coach.

So, I invite you to join me for individual player training, with a difference.

The difference? Working with your player remotely.


Yes, remotely. We're under a social distancing curfew anyway, but regardless of that, I have several challenges and skills for your player to excel without dribbling around cones or juggling TP.

The secret is in the players mindset around their game.

The secret is in the players understanding of their game.

The secret is in the players understanding of the wider, global game

The secret is in the relativity of the players understanding : ball work.

Join me today for 3 sessions of online training.

Each session will last 20-30 minutes, sometimes longer. All of our sessions are recorded for your players to keep as a reminder and tool for later in their career.

Your player will be challenged to create content for themselves from materials that I will provide.

After the second session, your player will have content to begin working on with the ball at their feet.


Email me for more information, or register, and we can maximize this time!

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