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Practice Coaching!

When you go to coaching school for a license or a diploma with either the US Soccer Federation (USSF) or United Soccer Coaches (USC) you have an opportunity to deliver a coaching session titled 'practice coaching'. It is a valuable moment in coaching school because you get to practice.

How many times do you get that, in your day-day coaching life? 

Not enough.

Participants are invited to respond with 2 things:

1 - What they are seeing, and why.

2 - What they would do to address this trend in their next practice.


No idea shall be called a name.

Anyone is free to ask a question of 1 or 2, but shall not give an opinion on someone else's 1 or 2.






You also get to apply your own coaching style within the methodology presented in the class. Then you get feedback. 

You spend hours planning, drawing, tweaking, explaining, erasing and doing it all over again. It is, I think, a glorious learning opportunity because afterwards you receive feedback from your instructor and / or peers.

Growth mindset says you take that, you listen, maybe apply and tweak, and move on. 

So I created practice coaching whereby I snip a clip from a recent game (typically something that is trending) and share it via Twitter to engage coaches to share their own thoughts.



Practice Coaching #1.