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Practice Coaching!

When you go to coaching school for a license or a diploma with either the US Soccer Federation (USSF) or United Soccer Coaches (USC) you have an opportunity to deliver a coaching session titled 'practice coaching'. It is a valuable moment in coaching school because you get to practice the methodology of the class, and you also get feedback.

How many times do you get that, in your day-day coaching life? 

Not enough.

So I created practice coaching whereby I snip a clip from a recent game (typically something that is trending) and share it via Twitter to engage coaches to share their own thoughts.

I am asking that you participate and then share. Everyone is invited to respond with 2 things:

1 - What they are seeing, and why.

2 - What they would do to address this trend in their next practice.


No idea shall be called a name.

Anyone is free to ask a question of 1 or 2, but shall not give an opinion on someone else's 1 or 2.

Most recent - Content from thetechniquetrainer (on IG)

With the question:

What are you doing to encourage / facilitate

 your players to think like this?

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