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Dominate at Set Pieces

Thank you for your interest in the

Set Piece portion of LDS. 

Why set pieces?

"With players able to take up positions closer to goal, the likelihood of scoring from a set piece is more than 50 percent higher than that from a possession in the normal run of play. Based upon data collected by American Soccer Analysis, direct shots from free kicks are scored about 7.5 percent of the time, whereas crosses from free kicks are scored around 4 percent. Approximately 3 percent of corner kicks result in a goal. Penalty kicks are converted at around a 75 percent rate. Taken together, it is advantageous for a team to accumulate as many set piece opportunities as possible." from this Washington Post article, 2018.

Subjectively - I hate when a ball is 'lumped' forwards aimlessly. Or a corner gets kicked behind, or the keeper comes and grabs it out of the air to start a counter attack. What a waste - we have a position and opportunity for some success and I have had lots of success with specific plans for my players to use for attacking set piece moments. Now, success isn't necessarily goals, but it is control of as much of the game as possible, and demonstrating to our opponents that we have a level of awareness and preparation that they might now. 

My players love to have the answer and I am sure yours do too - $10 will give you access to the Set Pieces pages and from there you can:

1 - print and give to your players. Work through position specific set ups to make the process easy for your players, resulting in immediate success.

2 - Take the PDF's as templates and work through your own ideas, with your own team contributing to what is being asked of them.

Get the content, below and then let me know what you think after you share with your staff or your players!


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