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How I Unlock Potential

I have experience with players of different ages and levels.

I've spent hours on the field with players through summer camps. Spent hours traveling and eating meals with players through ODP. I've spent long lunches between tournament games with players and their families.

My personal philosophy is to help each player be the best that they can be.

We coach to make our players better. To push them. To challenge them. In order to do so, a lot of focus is spent on formations and playing tactics.

However, this misses a lot of soft skills, and 'performance environment' demands required to improve player quality in training and in games.

Think, a team huddle before and after every team event. Seems cool, maybe cringey with a team cheer, but what actually goes on in there and why would that help the team perform better? What can be said for maximum impact?

'Unlocking Potential'  all about the individuals in your environment and how you can build a program that creates a space for them to thrive and then become the players and team that you train every day to be.

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