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Player 1 Training

I am a coach, which means I hold a VERY high standard for other coaches.

If other coaches are 'bad', people begin to assume any other coach is 'bad'.

I coach because I want every player to be the best that they can be.

Team training environments often miss key elements of holistic player development, lacking in essential 1:1 connection, as well as consistency for players to truly express themselves.

You're here looking for training. I provide that. But first, more context:

As a soccer parent, you probably watch all of the games and probably practices too.

You see more of your player than your coach does. Whether or not you 'understand' the coaching and demands, your focus is on your child first.

We say a good coach should provide you with regular updates, but I think you need more than that.

Because you focus on your child first, you need to be introduced to the 'bigger picture'.

What is the style of play?

What are the demands of the position that your child plays in?

Think of asking - when we have the ball, what should my child be doing (when they themselves have it, or a team mate has it)

The same question but when the opponent has the ball.

If you even knew these answers, could you objectively assess your child's performance?

I think you could, or at least do so with a little less bias.

You wouldn't then need to pay for additional training.

Instead, you train three times per week, play one-four games per weekend, and hope your child does 'well' to get the most minutes.

They don't always, so you do extra training on a Friday evening and adjust family dinner.

In all honesty, I don't know why your coach hasn't given you some of these answers already.

It's like a game of keep safe. It's coaches secret formula. At least we hope so, versus them just not really having those answers for themselves.

But you should ask for an evaluation based on the needs/expectations of the style of play/demands of position.

Maybe you get one at the end of the year. Thanks.

Twice per year is better, but only if you have the answers already, because your constant observations can help you understand what is going on (AKA, playing time for your child).

Then hopefully the coach has an open door policy, and not any of this '48 hour nonsense' to be able to have meaningful conversations to help your player actually develop.

Does your program/team film games? Can you access that?

It's probably on you to review, and you can start doing that meaningfully with the answers from above.

Now, Player1 can support you.

Do you need help breaking down the film?

Does your child want to work on some specifics and needs a guide/focused training plan that the coach is not giving you already?

Now please reach out. 


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