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Why do you coach? Why, regardless of your day, do you step on the field and engage your players / team?

Why do you bring new ideas to your team? - think 'new' things like asking how many hours they have slept, or tactical principles they have never heard before.

How do you share those ideas?

Why is it important to share those ideas?

Who else needs to be included in the 'why'?

Have you been to a coaching course, much like I am on now, and have a 'wealth' of information and ideas to share and implement? Its so exciting and I'm desperate for my players to benefit. However, time again I have tried to implement something new only to let it fall by the way side.

New approach.

Learn all about the new idea. What it is. The benefits.

Really learn - why do I need to know the value of how many hours someone is sleeping?

It's 'good' for you to sleep 8 hours. BUT WHY? And what happens if you don't? What are the negatives from one night of poor sleep or multiple nights? What is poor sleep and what's causing it?

I need to know more about sleep. Why? So I can tell the important people why.

Who are the important people? The ages of player I primarily work with will be the player AND the parent. They need to know why.

Why do they care? They care about their kid having the best experience and is why they chose you to coach their kid. Do you think they don't care about reporting sleep? (if they have the cell phone and not the kid, for example) Of course they will do it, but only if you tell them why it matters from a place of care.

What did you learn today?




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