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Let Them Show You

So, I spoke during the #SoccerCoachesSummit for SCORES on Tuesday and talked about Redefining Success. This is something I am incredibly passionate about, having spent a lot of time in 'losing' seasons and working through it with the distraught parents and players! However, in Redefining Success, I am encouraging you to engage with and challenge your players to take on several elements of their own development.

Take that into your next zoom call:

The challenge to these players was simple.

'Show me how you can train your position or role in a game'.

It is tough as a coach creating challenges for your players to keep them engaged. It can also be tough to demonstrate - you might be camera shy, or you might not have the skill to execute! I got to 493 juggles the other day. One of my players got 2,600...

Now, I want to be clear that this is not a 'game will be the teacher' moment and sit back. No. This is all about encouraging them to find what works for themselves in their own environment. Taking ownership and having some fun with it. One player, not pictured, was playing against her dog! I couldn't put that in a video because I don't have a dog!

Encourage them, give them some free reign to have some fun - they might surprise you.

Then you coach and give advice -

Colin, you play the #6 so what are some of your common behaviors in a game? xxx - ok, so how do you do that on your own?' Show me!

Then there are millions of skill videos out there for you to enjoy.

I have created a playlist for you to use, also. I use some in the team zoom calls I do and you could challenge your players with a weekly team competition.

Have fun with it!


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