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Position Profiles

What do your players think when you ask them 'what are the key attributes required for playing your position?'

Have you ever asked them?

Honestly, right now we're all creating 'busy' work for our players. Why not task them with something relevant to the way they play the game? If you coach players who play in multiple positions, why not have them profile each position and understand the positions better? They might find a preference... You might find a preference for them too.

I also ask this question because I have a 4 week development plan available here, and the foundation of the plan requires a player to understand their role and position within the team / game model / game. You can help them with a discussion, and there are definitely some generic terms that you can help them with, but if you have a model then you can really dig into specifics for the positions: #4/#5 - ability to break lines with a pass, for example.

#10 - combine with the #9, for example.

I had the players create and share however they like (see them here for an example) - I’m not looking for art, I’m looking for participation and understanding.

They then take this understanding to their weekly training plan and learn to train themselves in a way that is relevant to their positioning, with your help if necessary:

#4/#5 - play a combination with a wall, open up, and drive a 20 yard pass into a trash can or doorway.

Get creative. Have fun with it, but get the 4 week plan and make it worth their working. Give them control and challenge them to take control of their own development. Help them think for themselves, challenge themselves, and have some fun whilst doing it - especially given the current ‘isolation’ situation and a need for them keep as active as possible (if only for the parents sake, make yourself a hero). It’s worth it, I promise.


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