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#returntoplay 4v4

In my last blog, I commented on information shared by the Sprint Coach @DerekMHansen for keeping training general as we return to play. General in terms of conditioning and the game, before diving into tactics and skills. Here I want to share an example with you on just that. The focus was to play but to play with a purpose. These are teenage boys and letting them 'just play' will result in silly behavior after 15 minutes or so. In this clip, you'll see a part of our #returntoplay action.

Note, I am incredibly intense for tactical training, but we start in general principles. This game was won by the first team to score 3 goals. One goal with the right foot, one with the left foot, and one with the head. Any player can score. The laughs, the intensity, and the competitiveness that you see and hear were exactly what I wanted them to experience. They will get back in Soccer shape soon with more activity like this.

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