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Season Plan

Do you plan your season?

Down to each session or micro/macro-cycle?

How much flexibility do you have?

I've been coaching a group of mixed players from various clubs in the Sacramento area. It's amazing to hear how different all their experiences are. It doesn't really surprise me anymore, though we do wonder why this country isn't producing quality based on the number of participants, but that's for a whole other blog.

However, one thing that really bothers me, as you will know if you've followed my work for a while, is the lack of consistency or structure that most clubs/teams/coaches provide for their players. Regardless of their claims, or stature, or NPL finals appearances.

Here is the prime example that started me off. One player has had two weeks off. After our practice, he had a moment of realization that his team training session later that day was a fitness session. The joy from a pressure-driven decision-making training session with friends was gone. So, of course, I dug for more.

Why is it fitness? What don't you like about it?

"Well. We just had our club break for two weeks and we have a tournament next week so our coach says we need to get fit again".

More questions.

Did your coach give you a 'fitness plan' for the two weeks off?

Or, communicate expectations so that the next week of training could be used for something relevant to the tournament, such as tactical training?

Could they not have kept your team training in preparation for the tournament?

Do you need to play in this tournament?

"yes, it's surf cup"

So, back to question 1, 2, and 3 we go...

What are we doing here?

So, maybe you do plan out your season, but your director has the final say so?

Where is the sense in anything that the player is going through?

How planned out is your season to prevent things like this from happening? Talk to me!


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