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The importance of a model

“When you feel the confidence from the people surrounding you, everything becomes easier. For example when you enter the pitch and have a clear understanding of the ideas to follow.”

Antonio Candreva, quoted from a recent interview with OneFootball, sharing how he feels playing for Antonio Conte. Conte clearly has a model and a style of play in which his team plays and for Candreva, it makes everything 'easier'.

Think about anything that requires a structure - I.E. your job. Most jobs have an SOP or an outline. You run your own business and you have a way of doing things. Now, why would we put players on the field without a clearly defined model and answers to some of the problems they may face?

Candreva explains having two or three solutions at hand that he can work within. This is the same for all of the players and they have a framework in which they can all follow the same instructions.

Now imagine that for your team, and get to work - Follow my 'Boot Room' and grab the game model template to start.


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