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Now what??

We’re all off - now what? So what do you do with this time? There are lots of options for you: LeeDunneSoccer Mastermind

Twitter. And lots of Twitter!

You might also have personal goals that you’ve put off - I got a Ukulele for Christmas and I’m PLAYING it, or at least trying to. You'll hear it here in episode 31.

What about your players?

Engage your players with a Zoom, digital, team meeting - Like this I plan on delivering the 'defensive' side of our Game Model this way. Google forms - I'm asking the players to explain what 8 key words mean to them - the key words I use a lot! What about challenging your players with Questions? Check out this Power Questions document available to challenge your players with your own google forms or in any other form you want to challenge them with. Do all of your players have an IDP? Get the template that I use, here. See it in action, here. Listen to my preach on episode 15. I’m thinking/working on a TikTok skills challenge. I mentioned struggling with the platform on episode 29 with Erik Oman…

I have created videos for YouTube and they are fun to do also - fire away on that!

Then there are dedicated platforms that will do the work for you, like MyPersonalFootballCoach. Explore Sauls content - it’s so worth it for your players to have some dedicated content for them to be challenged with, incase you do not have the (insert shortcoming here) to produce for your players.

Ultimately, there is a lot you can do. Spend some quality time with yourself (no choice?), check in, meditate. Don’t waste it on Football Manager, but use the time to better yourself and be available to your players - which is also a really good time to see who is really ‘committed’ or interested in what you have to say - take that however you like!

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